Press Release

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

In 2020, with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak affecting worldwide since the beginning of the year, several countries were facing the economic crisis and sudden economic disruption from the disease control measures. As a result, overall economy of Thailand also has been heavily damaged especially the key industries such as tourism, airlines, as well as a sharp decline in exports from lower global demand. Moreover, many businesses need to be shut down which significantly impact on income and employment nationwide.

To be a part of supporting people who received impact from COVID-19 situation, Country Group Holdings Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries established social contribution project "PUN NAM JAI CHUAY COVID-19” by providing and distributing 10,000 sets of relief supplies bags to the people who had been suffered in Bangkok and other communities nearby factories in various provinces.

With the budget of over 5.5 million baht and donation from employees, this project had been continuously supported and encouraged the communities to go through the crisis together during May and June 2020. In addition, the project and activity had been taken into account of safety of participants and implemented in accordance with the safety measure of the Ministry of Public Health by using social distancing, wearing masks to prevent the disease, and cleaning equipments consistently. With orderly manner and strictly coordinated with relevant government agencies and community leaders, this project and activities was successfully accomplished.