Press Release

CGH organizes a workshop on Good Governance & Anti-Corruption for executive staff

Highlighting its importance as the backbone of efficient business management with sustainable growth.

Country Group Holdings (CGH) takes a serious step in organizing an initiative workshop on "Good Governance & Anti – Corruption” for the group’s executive staff. Tremendous emphasis goes to the statement that a good managing and monitoring system is an important key to business success, firm security and sustainable growth. It is also a precursor of efficient business management, which is like a foundation stone of consistency and sustainability.

Mr. Tommy Taechaubol, Chief Executive Officer of Country Group Holdings (Public Company Limited) or CGH, says that the company realizes the importance of business monitoring system. We are also confident that an efficient monitoring system will serves as a very good factor fostering the company’s prosperity and continual expansion. Moreover, a highly efficient management system is a solid foundation of security and sustainability. Therefore, the company decides to organize a workshop titled “Good Governance & Anti – Corruption” for executive staff of the company. The main purpose is to promote and push forward a good monitoring system in full compliance with the core principles of good management including honesty, transparency, accountability, and absence of conflict of interest.

It is a great honour for the company that Khun Sirirat Vasuvat, an expert of social science research from the Office of National Anti-Corruption Commission (ONCC), agrees to conduct the workshop on Friday 22nd April, 2016 on the 9th floor of CGH from 9 AM to 4 PM.