Press Release

CGH promotes learning and takes role in social development Training college students to broaden their professional horizons for the future

Country Group Holdings PCL (CGH), as a participant in the promotion, is providing opportunities to university students to train in a professional working environment and give them confidence as they develop their abilities to learn and solve problems. CGH is assisting in producing qualified personnel in various career sectors so that they will be prepared when they enter the workforce in the future.

Mr. Tommy Taechaubol, Chief Executive Officer of Country Group Holdings PCL (CGH), announced that the company had brought in student trainees from the Investing Information Department at the College of Information and Communication Technology, Rangsit University, as interns so that they might acquire working experience in the Company Secretary Division as well as the Accounting and Finance Department. The students will undergo training with the purpose of promoting learning, along with an emphasis upon skills, knowledge, and an understanding of rules and regulations that govern a public company’s good practices and management. They will also be taught basic accounting procedures that follow the organization’s policies, and instilled with a sense of responsibility so that they may utilize such knowledge and capabilities in actual work, in addition to contributing to their problem-solving abilities and self-development.

“Allowing college students to be trained in an organization that works with the financial and investment market is akin to creating opportunities for outsiders to learn about the various kinds of cultures within the organization, including sharing information and gaining actual working experience, creating a strong work ethic. Furthermore, the students will have opportunities to engage in hands-on practice on a professional level. Students will develop a better understanding of business as they meet and interact with high-level executives from different sectors of the company, and will also participate in various activities taking place within and outside it. This is an excellent way for the organization to build up its image while allowing the students to maximize the benefits of applying their knowledge of their fields of study. ” Mr. Tommy said.

The project is part of an academic cooperative memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Rangsit University and Country Group Securities PCL (CGS), the only security firm in Thailand to have signed such an agreement with the Rangsit University, with the project also being one of the company’s community and social development programs.

Dr. Monruthai Radeerom and Professor Seksan Sangsawad, permanent instructors at the Investment Information Department, Rangsit University, paid a visit to and demonstrated the Rangsit University students’ training process at the CGH head office. Ms. Thanika Padungpattanapong, the Company Secretary and Mr. Boonsong Sumnuk, Head of Accounting and Finance, along with Ms. Patama Oithong, Deputy Vice President, Corporate Communications Department and Acting Executive Corporate Marketing Division, Country Group Securities PCL (CGS), gave them a warm welcome during this recent visit.