Press Release

CGH shareholders approves a plan of capital increase With general Mandate of 430 million shares for future PP distribution And payment of dividend at 0.046 Baht/share – on May 25 onward

Country Group Holdings (CGH) shareholders reach a resolution of paying dividend of 2015 at 0.046 Baht/share. The payment can be performed on May 25, 2016. Also approved is a plan of distributing debenture at the maximum of 2 billion Baht and distributing shares to Private Placement (PP) at the maximum of 430 million shares. Both plans aim to support the business growth in the future as well as to strengthen the company’s current potential.

Mr. Sadawut Taechaubol, Executive Chairperson of CGH, says that the 2016 Annual Meeting of Shareholders on April 29, 2016 reach a resolution approving the dividend from the country’s performance in 2015 at the rate of 0.046 Baht/share to be paid on May 25, 2016 onwards.

Furthermore, the shareholders approve the company’s decreasing the company’s registered capital from 7,015,571,370 Baht to 5,553,543,822 Baht by cancelling the unissued stocks of 1,462,027,548 shares with the par value of 1 Baht/share. Then the company’s capital will be increased from 5,553,543,822 Baht to 6,075,927,916 Baht with additional ordinary stocks of 522,384,094 shares with the par value of 1 Baht/share.

The additional stocks can be divided into two groups. First, the General Mandate Ordinary Stocks of 430,000,000 shares with the par value of 1 Baht/share. The shares will be distributed to private placement so as to attract additional investment. Meanwhile, second, the rest will be additional ordinary stocks at the maximum of 92,384,094 shares with the par value of 1 Baht/share so as to support the exercise of right guaranteed by warrants for ordinary stocks of CGH-W1. This is because the company has amended the exercise price and the exercise ratio. Previously the exercise price was 1.80 Baht/share; one unit of warrant entitled to one ordinary share. After the amendment, the exercise price is 1.624 Baht/share; one unit of warrant entitled to 1.108 shares.

Furthermore, the meeting approves an issuance and distribution of debenture at the maximum of 2 billion Baht in order to support the future investment and business growth at present and in the future.

“CGH has been committed with strengthening its own structure and enjoying consistent growth so as to provide the shareholders with the best and utmost return in the future. The company multiple plans of continuous business expansion focusing on new forms of investment in accordance with the economic situation at present and in the future alike. Therefore, I would like to assure all the shareholders that all the management team has a strong will and determination to increase the perpetual thriving prosperity for CGH” Mr. Sadawut saids.