Country Group Holdings Public Company Limited (CGH) is an investment holding and private company listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) that makes long term investments across multiple sectors. We focus on the acquisition of controlling stakes in established businesses that can be improved by implementing our management expertise and drawing from the group’s synergistic advantages.

CGH was founded on 15th May 2014 as part of a restructuring plan initiated by Country Group Securities Public Company Limited (CGS) to create a dynamic investment holding company. CGH replaced CGS to become listed on the SET on 8th Jan 2015, with CGS as the core subsidiary.

At CGH, we aim to deliver superior returns to our investors by developing in-house experts to take an active management approach in all of our investments. We encourage our people to think differently to promote an innovative and entrepreneurial culture within our network.


Country Group Holdings Public Company Limited, or CGH, was initiated as a dynamic investment holding company to replace Country Group Securities Public Company Limited (CGS) as part of the group’s restructuring plan. CGH was incorporated on 15th May 2014, and replaced CGS on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 8th Jan 2015.After that CGH has growth via M&A transaction such as acquisition of PDI’s share and CGD and transfer MFC’s share from CGS to CGH. Then CGH has concentrated on restructuring it subsidiaries and associated companies to be growth companies by cost reduction and expansion of  business which has high margin and return.  

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be one of the fastest growing and most diverse investment companies in Thailand. We utilize our extensive network and market insights to make investments and our synergistic infrastructure to enhance performance.

Our Mission

To deliver sustainable growth by making strategic long term acquisitions, and actively managing them to enhance performance

Strategic Acquisition:

Identify untapped opportunities across targeted industries through our well-established group network
Diversify investment across strategic industries to minimize risk while maximizing returns
Capitalize resources across our synergistic affiliated companies to gain unique insights in identifying stable and sustainable investment deals

Build for sustainable growth:

Professional team, process, and experiences across several regions and industries provide us with a well-established operational capability to proactively and strategically manage our portfolio companies to deliver sustained growth and consistent returns
Capitalize on our unique ability to unlock all potential value from under-performing assets


CGH’s identity and practices are organic extensions of our core beliefs.

Board of Directors